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St. John's Lutheran Church

Saint John's Lutheran Church is in an established neighborhood in historic Dundee, Michigan.  It is located at 460 Riley Street, near the western edge of town.  

It is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

There is a cross mounted atop of their Norman Tower.

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Johnson Phinney House

The Johnson Phinney Building is located at the intersection of West Second and Cass Streets in downtown Monroe, immediately behind the Historical Museum.

There are no tours of the building as it houses offices on the main level.

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Sawyer House

The Sawyer House is located at 320 East Front Street at the intersection of East Front and Wadsworth Streets, just east of the downtown shopping district.  

The house has a commanding view of the river and has a widow's peak on top and the exterior walls have quoins.  While the architecture is not unique, it is distinctive.

There are rental rooms for different functions and several local festivals have been staged there.

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Rudolph Nims House

The Nims House is a Greek Revival home built in 1846.  It is a private residence located at 206 West Noble Avenue at the intersection of Borgess Avenue and Noble Avenue.

There are no tours of the home, but it is easy seen from both streets and sits high above them both.  

Governor Robert McClelland House

The Governor Robert McClelland House is located at 47 East Elm Avenue, near downtown Monroe, Michigan and near the Custer Equestrian Statue at the intersection of Elm Avenue and Monroe Street.

McClelland was a politician, and served as Governor of Michigan.  

The house is currently a private residence and offers no tours.

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St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is located at 511 South Monroe Street, just south of the shopping district at the intersection of Monroe Street and Fifth Street.  

The church is on the list of historic buildings in the city of Monroe, Michigan.

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Custer Statue

While General George Armstrong Custer was not born in Monroe, he married Libby Bacon who was a Monroe native.  He and his family moved here when Custer was very young.

His widow came to Monroe to dedicate the statue which was located in the intersection of First and Washington Streets.  It was later moved to Soldiers and Sailors Park a few city blocks east of the original location and was then moved from the park to its present location at the intersection of Monroe Street and Elm Avenue.

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Bridge School.jpg
Bridge School

The building formerly used as a school, just south of the River Raisin is now used as, the Raisinville Township hall.  The address is 96 Ida-Maybee Road.

It is listed as the first public school in Michigan.

It sits at the intersection of Ida-Maybee and Dixon Roads.

Seitz Tavern and Inn

These buildings were built in Grape, a small village on the north bank of the River Raisin.  Once upon a time, a German immigrant named Peter Seitz opened an inn on the old stagecoach plank section of what is now North Custer Road.

Seitz must have been a practical man as his building still stands and is used as a private residence.  There are no tours available, but just an exterior look at the house will give you mental pictures of activities mentioned on the link below.


The Maybee Township Hall is located off Bluebush Road at 9051 Raisin Street.

While Maybee appears to be a quaint farming community, it is touted as one of the best little towns in Michigan.

Maybee Township Hall
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