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River Raisin Heritage Trail

The Society partnered with the Community Foundation of Monroe to create and complete a wonderful connection between the City and Wm. C. Sterling State Park.


This trail gives people access to the Wildlife Refuge, a national park, a state park, and historic Monroe.


In 2010, we were privileged to orchestrate its dedication. Guests included Senator Carl Levin, nature conservationist Jeff Corwin and many local VIPs and dignitaries.

Monroe County Museum

126 South Monroe St., Monroe, MI 48161

Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent Motherhouse
610 West Elm Avenue, Monroe, MI 48162

When the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent Motherhouse embarked on their huge restoration project, the Society gifted $25,000 and partnered with them for the redecoration of their lobby.

River Raisin Center for the Arts

114 South Monroe Street, Monroe, MI 48161

The RRCA  is an historic landmark in Monroe with many memories for citizens both young and old.


The Society was pleased to help on a number of projects and gave some $25,000 to assist with interior and exterior preservation. 

Throughout the City of Monroe

In 2008, The Monroe County Historical Society partnered with the City of Monroe to move the stone Cairn from the south side of Elm Avenue to the present location on the north side.


Woodland Cemetery is the burial site of many of Monroe’s earliest settlers, politicians and war combatants, including some of those killed during the Battle of Frenchtown in 1813. In early 2000, the ownership of Woodland Cemetery was in jeopardy. Again, the Society partnered with the City of Monroe to ensure the future of this historic site.


Sculpted by Edward Clark Potter, the Equestrian Statue “Sighting the Enemy” that depicts General George Armstrong Custer, at the battle of Gettysburg during the Civil War, was unveiled in Monroe on June 4, 1910. On three occasions, the Society has underwritten the cost of restoring, cleaning and preserving the statue. The last occasion occurred in 2010, on the statue’s 100 year anniversary.


Arrangement of the Presidential Wall in Monroe City Hall lobby was also underwritten by the Society.


In total, the Society contributed approximately $40,000 for completion of these projects.

Monroe Trading Post Ledger

The Society purchased the Monroe Trading Post Ledger, dated from 1827 to 1831, in 2012 and proceeded to conserve it for future prosperity.


Restoration and rebinding services were provided by the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library in Ann Arbor. Some 600 references to Monroe residents and their mercantile purchases are contained within the ledger.

Major Muskrat

Major Muskrat is the official mascot of the River Raisin National Battlefield Park. Conceptualized in 2011 and brought to fruition later that year, Major made his debut life-size appearance at the 199th commemoration of the Battles of the River Raisin Dance Through Time event.


MCHS put forth the money necessary for the creation of Major Muskrat's costume. With our help, the life-size rendition has become a staple at most RRNBP events.

Special Events

In 2007, the Society sponsored the visit of the U.S. Brig Niagara to the Port of Monroe. Attendance was enthusiastic and in excess of 10,000 persons. Friends and partners participated in the organization and financial planning, and the Society donated about $70,000. ​



The Society has partnered in numerous events and projects throughout the County, including:

  • Fife & Drum Muster

  • Dance Through Time

  • Educational programs at the Monroe County Historical Museum

  • Honoring the memory of General George Armstrong Custer

  • Entertaining superintendents of Michigan and neighboring state personnel

  • Sponsoring educational luncheons, dinners and programs throughout the County



In 2013, the Society partnered with the Monroe Community Players in the production of the play Reunion, a post-1812 veterans’ reunion.

Raising the Bar of Volunteerism

The Society has been blessed with energetic, enthusiastic volunteers.


In the picture to the left, we see Steve Alexander as he exemplifies the dedication and character it takes to bring legends to life. His portrayal of General George Armstrong Custer is uncanny and has delighted thousands throughout the years.


Looking forward, we see a fast-growing legion of youth carrying the flags of history into the future, helping us ensure the preservation and dignity of Monroe County.

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