A Vision for Monroe

The Monroe County Historical Society will be forever grateful to
Mr. Knabush and Mr. Shoemaker for their extraordinary generosity.

They had a vision for Monroe County that, with hard work, led to what is today considered a legacy. Had the Society not received their heartfelt monetary gifts, we would not have been able to accomplish the many tasks brought to completion since 1938. 


With the support of Mr. Knabush and Mr. Shoemaker, we formulated a mission that has remained steadfast for nearly a century: to preserve, promote and perpetuate Monroe County's historical, cultural and ecological assets. We have put substance to this mission by celebrating the sites and people whose threads help weave our community's colorful tapestry.


Would Mr. Knabush and Mr. Shoemaker be pleased with the strides we have made since their early support? We think so.


They were, of course, not the only citizens of Monroe to contribute to our efforts - in fact, it is our wish to thank the many families, friends, corporations, and local companies who have donated to the Society throughout the years. Your philanthropy helps instill pride in the hearts of all who call Monroe home. 

How can we ever say THANK YOU!!

Chronology of Accomplishments

1938 to 1989

1938 – Society forms; quartered in Sawyer Building


1939 – Historic Trails Committee formed by JS Gray


1948 – Purchase of Eby Log Cabin


1955 – Custer Monument moved to Monroe Street

              33 markers placed by Trails Committee


1956 – Bridge School acquired from Dundee Board of Education


1959 – St. Antoine Park developed


1960 – Eby Cabin placed on County fairgrounds


1961 – Cabin shown to 20,000 Fair visitors


1962 – Museum opens year-round


1966 – Monroe County Historical Commission created to operate Museums


1967 – First full-time Museum Director


1969 – Country Store Exhibit opened in Papermill School Building


1971 – Gift of Navarre-Anderson Trading Post


1972 – Monroe Post Office Building acquired


1973 – New Museum building dedicated during Michigan Week


1974 – Architectural Survey of County completed


1976 – Archaeological studies at River Raisin Battlefield begin


1979 – Phinney Building saved and moved


1982 – Navarre-Morris Cabin moved to Trading Post site


1983 – Enlarged Custer Exhibit completed


1984 – Navarre-Anderson Trading Post opened


1986 – River Raisin Battlefield site acquired


1988 – Country Store porch and improvements


1989 – Trading Post Barn constructed


Bridge School, Raisinville Township

Navarre-Anderson Trading Post

Bridge School, Raisinville Township