Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery has had at least two other names.  Once it was known as Grove Cemetery and at another time it was known as Woodlawn Cemetery.

It is on the list of historic places in the city of Monroe, Michigan and is located at 428 Jerome Street, near East Fourth Street.

Many of Monroe's historic figures are entombed in Woodland Cemetery, including members of General George Armstrong Custer's family.

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General George Armstrong Custer Statue


Banner Oak School-Temperance, Michigan

Banner Oak front.jpg

While General George Armstrong Custer was not born in Monroe, he married Libby Bacon who was a Monroe native.  He and his family moved here when Custer was very young.

His widow came to Monroe to dedicate the statue which was located in the intersection of First and Washington Streets.  It was later moved to Soldiers and Sailors Park a few city blocks east of the original location and was then moved from the park to its present location at the intersection of Monroe Street and Elm Avenue.


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Banner Oak School is located at the intersection of Sterns and Crabb Roads in Temperance, Michigan.

It dates back to before the Civil War.  It is now the property of Bedford Township's Historical Society.