The Nims House

The Nims House is a Greek Revival home built in 1846.  It is a private residence located at 206 West Noble Avenue at the intersection of Borgess Avenue and Noble Avenue.

There are no tours of the home, but it is easy seen from both streets and sits high above them both.  

Governor Robert McClelland House

The Governor Robert McClelland House is located at 47 East Elm Avenue, near downtown Monroe, Michigan and near the Custer Equestrian Statue at the intersection of Elm Avenue and Monroe Street.

McClelland was a politician, and served as Governor of Michigan.  

The house is currently a private residence and offers no tours.

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church is located at 511 South Monroe Street, just south of the shopping district at the intersection of Monroe Street and Fifth Street.  

The church is on the list of historic buildings in the city of Monroe, Michigan.

Visit the church's webpage at:

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22 West Second Street, Monroe, MI 48161

Eby Cabin Restoration 2020

Shoring up the sagging floor.

Priming the support beams.

Floor replacement.

Roof repairs at the Eby Cabin, December 2020

Tarp covering the Eby Cabin roof.

The new shingles at the Eby Cabin.

Johnson-Phinney Building landscaping, 2020